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Vallortigara Angelo offers its clients the possibility to hire storage bins and containers (approx. 500 containers currently available), ranging in size from 1 cu.m to 30 cu.m, for the storage and collection of waste materials and substances locally produced by its clients. These containers can be useful for optimizing loading and transfer operations and reducing transportation costs. More specifically, the service comprises the hiring of crates (1 cu.m), cases for lead-acid batteries and bins with a capacity of 13, 20 and 30 cu.m, also supplied with lids and a compacting press. Clients may also purchase 200-litre drums and 'big bags' (also with UN approval) for the proper storage of different types of waste. All bins available for hire comply with current regulations concerning safety.

Availability of bins, drums and containers

  • 500 bins of various sizes and types for the storage of waste materials
  • 200-litre drums and 'big bags' for the storage of waste materials
  • Sale of UN-approved drums and 'big bags'


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