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The objective of achieving the capacity to deal with an increasing number of issues resulted in a decision on the part of Vallortigara Angelo to pay constant attention to the 'technological updating' of its fleet of vehicles. Amongst other additions, the firm's range of vehicles now includes a mobile unit that can perform video inspections of sewer systems and AutoCAD network tracing and mapping, as well as leakage testing, non-destructive testing and restoration of pipelines and the identification of non-traceable wells and tanks. The special van is fitted with a specific rotating-head camera for television-video inspections of sewers with DVD image recording. Video inspections are useful when searching for any breakage and/or blockage in underground pipes which may impede the continuation of unblocking/cleaning operations and the advancement of drain-cleaning probes. This methodology is capable of accurately identifying anomalies inside a pipeline, including the presence of foreign bodies, section reduction due to deposits, sedimentation, deformation/ovalization, crushing, the presence of inappropriate connections, cracks, structural failure and the collapsing of joints. Proper video inspection also allows for the correct verification of inclination, reducing requirements for dismantling, demolition, repair and/or reconstruction, as well as speeding up intervention times.

Specific high-technology services

  • Video inspections of sewers for the precise location of anomalies in pipelines and appropriate planning of subsequent interventions.
  • Recording of images on DVD
  • Identification and/or location of non-traceable wells and/or tanks.
  • AutoCAD tracing and mapping of networks
  • Certified leakage testing of discharge pipes and non-destructive restoration of pipelines.


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